GT FLEX Clear Aligner Materials

GT FLEX Clear Aligner Material

GT FLEX ™ clear aligner materials are designed specifically for clear aligners and retainers to provide a best-in-class combination of flexibility, strength, and clarity. Their material advantages and ease-of-use make GT FLEX clear aligner materials a great choice for clear aligners and retainers.

The GT FLEX brand of clear aligner materials – available exclusively from Good Fit Technologies and our family of distribution partners worldwide – is available in three formulations: ORIGINAL, PRO, and MAX.


Clear Aligner Material Flexural Modulus of Elasticity
GT FLEX MAX 150,000
GT FLEX PRO 200,000
PETG 300,000
PU 330,000
Taglus 330,000
Zendura 330,000
  • 350K
  • 300K
  • 250K
  • 200K
  • 150K
Flexural Modulus of Elasticity (psi; lower number = more flexible)


Clear Aligner Material IZOD Impact Strength
Taglus 1.7
Zendura 1.6
PU 1.6
PETG 1.2
  • 1
  • 1.5
  • 2
  • 15
  • 20/NB
IZOD Impact Strength (ft-lb/in, notch; NB = Non-Breakable)


Clear Aligner Material Light Transmission
Taglus 93%
PETG 86%
PU 68%
Zendura 60%
  • 55%
  • 65%
  • 75%
  • 85%
  • 95%
Light Transmission (above 80% is great; above 90% is exceptional)

High Strength and High Flexibility

The ability to provide both high strength (for fracture resistance) and high flexibility (for comfortable tooth movement) is one of the key advantages of the GT FLEX clear aligner materials. More commonly you face a trade-off: if you want to increase flexibility, you risk losing strength. But GT FLEX delivers both strength and flexibility at the same time.

More Continuous Force

All clear aligners lose strength over the time that they are worn in the mouth. If the strength at which they push against the teeth starts too low or changes too rapidly, it makes it very difficult to get effective, predictable tooth movement.

But GT FLEX applies a more continuous, effective force over time, helping you achieve more predictable tooth movement:

GT FLEX Clear Aligner Material - Continuous Force
Stress Relaxation tests measure the ability of a material (e.g. a clear aligner) to continue to apply force to other objects (e.g. to move teeth) before relaxing into a new shape that no longer applies the same force.

GT FLEX excels at maintaining a more continuous force.

Ultra-Low Water Absorption

The GT FLEX clear aligner materials have ultra-low water absorption – measured at just 0.14% in 24 hours – which helps them stay clear and odor free in the mouth. It also helps make GT FLEX…

Easy to Use

Some aligner materials need to be processed within 15 minutes of removing them from their protective pouches. This is typically due to excess water absorption. If the aligner material absorbs too much water prior to processing, the heat from the thermoforming machine will turn that water into steam. And that steam will create bubbles, which reduce both the clarity and the strength of the final aligner.

With its ultra-low water absorption, GT FLEX has no 15-minute processing restriction. You can effectively process it at your leisure, and it’s highly unlikely to form bubbles during processing.

Dual, Protective Lamination

The GT FLEX clear aligner materials come with a super-thin, protective lamination on both sides. These protective layers are designed to stay in place throughout the thermoforming process. They help protect the aligner from absorbing potentially nasty chemicals from the printed aligner models and from dust or other debris that could reduce the clarity of the finished aligner.

They also provide a generally higher level of sanitation to the finished aligner – some dentists even deliver the aligners to patients with these protective layers still in place.

Durable and Comfortable

With their unique combination of high strength and high flexibility, clear aligners made with the GT FLEX materials are both durable (fracture-resistant) and comfortable:

Patients are saying GT FLEX gives a ‘snugglier’, more comfortable fit. Dr. Marco Navarro, Owner, Advanced Orthodontics Studio


The GT FLEX materials incorporate a variety of proprietary innovations, all designed to help make them perform better as aligner materials. And the GT FLEX PRO and GT FLEX MAX materials are patent-pending worldwide.

What Customers Are Saying

GT FLEX is incredible. Dentists love it because it’s really comfortable for their patients and works well. I love how easy it is to use in our lab. We’ll be making a lot of aligners this year and we’ll be making them with GT FLEX. Vinh Lam, Director of Business Development, Oral Image

I’m very impressed with GT FLEX. I’ll be ordering more. Dr. Matt Walton, Owner, Walton Orthodontics


All three of the GT FLEX clear aligner materials offer a superior mix of clarity, strength, and flexiblity:

GT FLEX Original

GT FLEX Original - Clear Aligner Material
$1.99 per sheet
(for 100-sheet packs)
In Stock
  • Excellent mix of clarity, strength, and flexibility


GT FLEX PRO - Clear Aligner Material
$2.99 per sheet
(for 100-sheet packs)
In Stock
  • More flexible and almost 10x stronger than original


GT FLEX MAX - Clear Aligner Material
$3.99 per sheet
(for 100-sheet packs)
Coming Soon
  • Maximum flexibility and maximum strength, with great clarity

Need Help Making Clear Aligners?

We can help! Good Fit has a number of clients who make clear aligners using the GT FLEX materials. They can help you with treatment planning as well. If you’d like a recommendation…

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The team at Good Fit Technologies has over 40 years of experience with dental thermoplastics, developing new materials and devices designed to help you provide faster, better dentistry. We're proud to offer GT FLEX and GT TOUGH as part of our portfolio of unique thermoplastics solutions for dentistry.

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