GT FLEX Indications of Use

GT FLEX Clear Aligner & Retainer Materials - Original, PRO, and MAX

Intended Use

The GT FLEX materials are intended for use in the fabrication of orthodontic and dental appliances such as clear aligners and retainers.

Indications (Choosing the Right Material)

All three of the GT FLEX materials – Original, PRO, and MAX – are indicated for use in clear aligner therapy. But their different material characteristics make specific GT FLEX materials better-suited for certain types of patients or for other applications such as retainers:

Indication Recommended Material
Aligners – Standard
Aligners – Bruxers*
Retainers – Standard
Retainers – Bruxers*

* Bruxers or any patient with an occlusal scheme, jaw relation, or other condition that leads to stronger-than-normal occlusal forces.


The GT FLEX materials should not be used for patients with a history of allergic reactions to plastics.

Need to Reorder?

All three of the GT FLEX clear aligner & retainer materials offer a superior mix of clarity, strength, and flexiblity:

GT FLEX Original

GT FLEX Original - Clear Aligner Material
June 2024 SPECIAL PRICE $2.39 $1.97 per sheet
In Stock
  • Excellent mix of clarity, strength, and flexibility


GT FLEX PRO - Clear Aligner & Retainer Material
June 2024 SPECIAL PRICE $3.49 $2.96 per sheet
In Stock
  • More flexible *and* 10x stronger than ORIGINAL


GT FLEX MAX - Clear Aligner & Retainer Material
GT FLEX MAX IS COMING SOON $4.59 $3.69 (est.) per sheet
  • Maximum flexibility and maximum strength

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