GT TOUGH Custom Mouthguard Materials

GT TOUGH Custom Mouthguard Material

GT TOUGH Is Coming Soon!

If you like our GT FLEX materials for clear aligners, you’re going to love our GT TOUGH materials for custom mouthguards. We’re building on the science behind GT FLEX to create a new family of materials that will let you make STRONGER and THINNER sports mouthguards.

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GT TOUGH Custom Mouthguard Material

Stronger and Thinner Mouthguards

GT TOUGH is based on our patent-pending GT FLEX PRO material, with similar strength properties:


Clear Aligner Material IZOD Impact Strength
GT FLEX MAX 50x STRONGER (>95) > 95
Premium Aligner/Retainer 17.4
Premium Aligner 1.7
  • 1
  • 1.5
  • 2
  • 15
  • 20+
IZOD Impact Strength (ft-lb/in, notch)

But while the GT FLEX materials are further formulated for maximum flexibiity, the GT TOUGH materials are further formulated for maximum thinness of the finished mouthguard.

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GT TOUGH Custom Mouthguard Material

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The team at Good Fit Technologies has over 40 years of experience with dental thermoplastics, developing new materials and devices designed to help you provide faster, better dentistry. We're proud to offer GT FLEX and GT TOUGH as part of our portfolio of unique thermoplastics solutions for dentistry.

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