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Faster, Better Dentistry

Good Fit believes in dentistry without compromise. Our Good Fit ® solutions for dentures and implants help you deliver speed and quality, our GT FLEX ™ solutions for clear aligners help you deliver strength and flexibility, and our upcoming GT TOUGH ™ solutions for custom mouthguards will help you deliver strength and thinness.

Over 40 Years of R&D

The research behind our Good Fit ® products for dentures and implants started over 40 years ago, when Dr. Stephen Ginsburg (co-founder and chairman of Good Fit Technologies) began studying the potential for a thermoplastic PMMA acrylic.

Dr. Ginsburg, a prosthodontist with degrees from Tufts University and NYU School of Dental Medicine, was early in his own dental career at the time. But he had already grown frustrated with the conventional technique for making complete dentures – his own specialty.

In his subsequent 30+ years as a practicing prosthodontist and assistant clinical professor of removable prosthodontics at Tufts University, he continued to refine his research into better, faster ways for making dentures.

A Father and Son Founding Team

By 2012, Dr. Ginsburg had nearly finished development of the Denture Trays and Instant Denture Setups products for complete dentures. So he teamed up with his son, Marc, to start Good Fit Technologies – to help finish the R&D and make these products available to the world.

Marc Ginsburg (co-founder and CEO of Good Fit Technologies) is a biologist and medical device specialist with degrees from Dartmouth College. Though not a dentist by training, he grew up playing with dentures – and with all the early prototypes of his father’s research. As the son (and grandson) of dentists, he loves working with dentists and lab technicians.

Continuing Innovation

Good Fit Technologies holds multiple patents on dental technologies in the U.S. and around the world. Since 2012, Good Fit has continued to develop the science behind its original denture products and also worked to introduce new innovations for faster, better dentistry.

Worldwide Reach

The Good Fit products are available through Good Fit Technologies in the U.S. and through our growing family of distribution partners worldwide.

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