Good Fit Denture Trays

Good Fit Denture Trays

All Impressions & Records in One Visit

Good Fit ® Denture Trays are custom impression trays, base plates, and occlusal rims – all in one. They let you get all the data required for complete denture fabrication in one, short clinical visit – in as little as one hour for a full-upper / full-lower case.

Save Hours of Chair Time and At Least Two Office Visits

Here’s a detailed comparison with conventional technique:

Denture Trays - Time Savings
Time Savings with the Good Fit ® Denture Tray

Deliver Quality and Speed

Quality dentures usually take a long time to make. With all the steps required to get a comfortable fit and good function, the average denture takes up hours of chair time spread over as many as five or more clinical visits. And the whole process can end up taking weeks to complete because you have to send out to a lab so many times.

But with the Good Fit Denture Tray, you can do all of the important steps with the same device – without any back-and-forth with a lab. So you end up with the same (or higher) quality at a fraction of the time.

Finish Three Appointments in One

The first three appointments in conventional technique are: 1) preliminary impressions, 2) border molding & final impressions, and 3) bite registrations. Here’s how the Good Fit Denture Tray can help you do all three of these appointments in one:

  1. Preliminary impressions: you no longer need them. The Good Fit Denture Tray is made with Good Fit’s special, thermoplastic material. After heating, they can be adapted directly in the patient’s mouth to create a custom impression tray.
  2. Border molding and final impressions: after you customize the Good Fit Denture Tray, you can proceed straight to border molding and final impressions, using any conventional technique and material you like.
  3. Bite registrations: after taking final impressions, you typically have to send out to your lab for a base plate and occlusal rim (bite block). But in our technique, the Good Fit Denture Tray is your bite block. You can proceed straight away to establishing midline, smile line, planes, vertical, and centric relations.

Here’s a quick video with Dr. Stephen Ginsburg (inventor of the system) describing the technique:

Easier to Use, More Stable Bite Block

When used as a bite block, the Good Fit Denture Tray has two additional advantages:

  • Completely stable record base – a conventional base plate from a lab has to be made a little loose, so that you can take it off the cast. This means the bite block is potentially moving around in the patient’s mouth while you’re trying to take precise records. But because the Good Fit Denture Tray is held in place by the final impressions, it gives you a completely stable base to help you take more accurate records
  • No more wax rims – in place of wax rims, the Good Fit Denture Trays have acrylic tooth forms – modeled after real denture teeth (you can just grind them or add a bit of wax, as needed, to make adjustments). These tooth forms can help you make more meaningful assessments of aesthetics, they give the patient better proprioception, and they provide more stability, in general.

You Can Even Do a Preliminary Try-In

After using the trays to take a bite, you end up having a custom-fitted device, with a stable base and actual tooth forms, all held in the desired occlusal relationship by your registration material, which means you can now use the trays effectively as a try-in device.

Just place the trays back in the patient’s mouth and reevaluate fit, midline, smile line, incisal length, planes, lip support, vertical, centric, and overal aesthetics. This special step – made possible by the Good Fit Denture Trays – can help you reduce resets and improve the overall results for your denture patients.

Patented and Patent-Pending

The Good Fit ® Denture Trays are patented in the U.S. and patented or patent-pending in over 50 countries worldwide. They are available exclusively from Good Fit Technologies and our family of distribution partners, worldwide.

Summary Advantages

In just one visit, in as little as one hour for a full-over-full case, you’ll have all of the impressions and records your lab needs to make a complete denture:

  • Save hours of chair time and at least two or three office visits,
  • Increase accuracy with a completely stable record base (the trays are held in place by the final impression)
  • Assess vertical and aesthetics with actual tooth forms instead of wax occlusal rims, and
  • Even do a preliminary try-in (using the trays, themselves to re-check fit, aesthestics, planes, vertical, and centric relations)

Try the Good Fit ® Denture Trays today

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