Easy to Use, New Technology
for Dentures, Implants, Crown & Bridge,
Orthodontics and Mouth Guards


Save Chair Time, Boost Profits and Improve Outcomes

  • Make dentures in half the time

  • Make temporary implant dentures immediately

  • Never take a preliminary impression for crown & bridge again


Dental Labs

Increase Speed and Consistency

  • Do full denture setups in seconds

  • Get better impressions from dentists - make it faster & easier for you to provide great results, and…

  • Secure loyal customers


Dental Patients

Always Get a Good Fit

  • Get dentures in as few as two visits

  • Learn what to look for and where to find fast dental work without compromising quality

  • Make sure you always get a good fit


About Good Fit

Good Fit Technologies helps dentists and dental labs deliver consistent, high-quality crowns, bridges, dentures and mouth guards at a fraction of the time and cost typically required.

Our easy-to-use impression trays, stents and denture setups are made of a high-strength, denture material (PMMA) that becomes moldable when heated and maintains its shape while cooling. They can be adapted and fitted in minutes to create custom impression trays, stents, prosthetic guides, and dentures.

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