Good Fit Instant Denture Setups

Good Fit Instant Denture Setups

Fast, Quality Denture Fabrication

Good Fit ® Instant Denture Setups are pre-set arrangements of denture teeth – in a variety of tooth molds and shades – pre-festooned and set in an adjustable (thermoplastic) denture base.

Just heat the Good Fit Instant Denture Setups in boiling water for 2-4 minutes and then adapt them to your model. They can be adapted to support a wide variety of arch sizes and occlusal schemes.

Then process using any conventional technique and material you prefer. Our special base material will bond to any conventional denture base resin.

Here’s a quick video with Dr. Stephen Ginsburg (inventor of the system) describing the technique:

Save Lab Time and Avoid Headaches

The overall time savings will depend upon the processing technique you choose to use. But no matter which processing technique you use, you’ll benefit from:

  • Faster and more consistent setups,
  • Fewer processing errors (the teeth don’t shift or pop out in the flask),
  • Faster resets (if necessary), and
  • Easier finishing (no flash or cleanup needed around the teeth).

Light-Cure Dentures in One Hour or Less

For astoundingly fast results, try processing to a light-cure denture base resin. With our special light-cure-base technique, you can finish a full set of dentures (upper plus lower) in as little as one hour – just 30 minutes per arch.

Instant Denture Setups - Time Savings - Light-Cure Technique
Time Savings with the Good Fit ® Instant Denture Setups – Light-Cure Technique

Patented and Patent-Pending

The Good Fit ® Instant Denture Setups are patented in the U.S. and patented or patent-pending in over 50 countries worldwide. They are available exclusively from Good Fit Technologies and our family of distribution partners, worldwide.

Try the Good Fit ® Instant Denture Setups today

And see how they can help you make consistent, high-quality dentures – quickly.

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