Good Fit Instant Overdentures

Good Fit Instant Overdentures

Good Fit ® Instant Overdentures are pre-set arrangements of denture teeth – in a variety of tooth molds and shades – with an adjustable (thermoplastic) denture base and in the form of a hybrid denture.

They can be adapted and fitted in minutes for fast, quality implant provisionals, overdentures, and fixed hybrids.

Just heat the Instant Overdentures in water for 2-4 minutes and then adapt them to your model or directly in the mouth. They can be adapted to support a wide variety of arch sizes and occlusal schemes.

When you are happy with the overall arch shape and occlusion, simply reline the Instant Overdentures to engage the implant hardware (e.g. pick up the attachments). You can use any conventional reline material you prefer; our special base material will bond to it.

Here’s a quick video with Dr. Stephen Ginsburg (inventor of the system) describing the technique:

What Dentists Are Saying

Good Fit ® Instant Overdentures can play a valuable role in managing clinical situations to ensure success with the final implant prosthesis. They can be used to evaluate esthetic, phonetic, and occlusal function prior to delivery of the final implant restorations, while preserving or enhancing the condition of the peri-implant and gingival tissues. They provide patients with natural-looking temporaries at any stage of implant treatment and serve as an excellent prototype by which to evaluate shade and contours, leading to greater patient acceptance and a superior definitive restoration. Dr. Ara Nazarian, DDSDiplomate International Congress of Oral Implantologists

Exclusive, Patent-Pending Features

Based on our patented Good Fit ® Instant Denture Setups, the Good Fit ® Instant Overdentures have additional, unique features that are patent-pending in the U.S. and over 50 countries worldwide. They are available exclusively from Good Fit Technologies and our family of distribution partners, worldwide.

Summary Advantages

With the Instant Overdentures, you’ll benefit from:

  • Huge savings in time and labor required for implant provisionals and hybrids,
  • Fewer processing errors (there really isn’t any processing, so you don’t have to worry about teeth shifting or popping out),
  • Easier finishing (no flash or cleanup needed around the teeth), and
  • Faster turnaround with more consistent results

Try the Good Fit ® Instant Overdentures today

And see how they can help you make consistent, high-quality overdentures and implant provisionals – quickly.

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