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Instant Denture Setups

With Good Fit ® Instant Denture Setups, New Denture Fabrication is as Simple as a Rebase

Good Fit Instant Denture Setups

Setups are one of the trickiest steps in making dentures. It takes time and skill to piece together a natural-looking arch of teeth – one tooth at a time – that also provides proper occlusion.

But what if you could do completely consistent, good-looking and functional setups in minutes?

That’s what the Good Fit ® Instant Denture Setups let you do. That’s because…

  1. We let you start with a full setup of denture teeth

    Instead of having to place each tooth individually, our Instant Denture Setups let you start with a pre-set, full arch of denture teeth.

    They are available in a variety of tooth molds and shades and fully festooned. So you don’t have to do any of the detailed festooning work either.

    Because the Instant Denture Setups come complete and fully festooned, you’re guaranteed to get consistent aesthetics on all of your dentures. But you can also get great function, because…

  2. The Instant Denture Setups have an adjustable denture base

    The teeth in our Instant Denture Setups are set in a conventional denture base material (PMMA), but with a twist: we’ve made that material adjustable.

    You can just place the Instant Denture Setups in boiling water for about three minutes to make them adjustable and then adapt them to fit your model in ideal occlusion. They can be adjusted to accommodate a wide variety of arch widths and occlusal planes:

    Good Fit Instant Denture Setups - Adjust Arch Width Good Fit Instant Denture Setups - Adjust Occlusal Plane

    When you’re satisfied with your adjustments, you can just wait a few minutes for the Instant Denture Setups to cool or drop them in an ice bath to make them instantly rigid, with no shape distortion from the cooling. Which mean…

  3. You can do complete, consistent denture setups in minutes

    Heating, adapting and cooling the Instant Denture Setups to fit your dentures is a process that takes just minutes. And because you don’t have to do any festooning work either, you’ll be able to do complete, fully aesthetic and consistent denture setups in minutes.

    What’s more, when you’re happy with your setups, you’ll find that processing is also faster and easier. That’s because…

  4. We’ve already done the detailed trimming and polishing for you

    Our Instant Denture Setups are pre-polished, which means that you’ll have only minimal trimming and polishing work (if any) to do around the teeth and festooning. You’ll save time in processing and also help avoid accidental tooth damage from trimming and polishing around the teeth.

    The rest of the processing is easier too. In fact…

  5. Processing is as simple as a rebase

    When you process dentures using the Instant Denture Setups, you can use conventional rebase techniques.

    The teeth in our setups are already fully integrated into a denture base material (instead of wax), so you’ll have minimal tooth movement or loss during flasking. And because our base material uses conventional denture acrylic (PMMA), you’ll have no demarcation line between the Instant Denture Setups and the rest of your base. (You’ll just have to match colors with our base, which we’ll specify for you.)

    Here’s a quick video showing how it all works:

    And here are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about the setups…

    Faster setups and faster processing means…

  6. You can turn around dentures faster – and make more money

    With all the time they can save you from setups and processing, the Instant Denture Setups can let you turn around dentures faster than ever – even in the same day.

    The Instant Denture Setups can help you increase production so you can take on more denture cases, increase profitability per denture, and even increase revenue per denture

    Dentists are accustomed to paying a premium for faster turnarounds. You can use the Instant Denture Setups as part of an expedited, premium service and make even more money per denture.

  7. And there’s an even more expedited technique available with the Instant Denture Setups

    Use a light-cure base material instead of wax, and you can fabricate quality, complete dentures in minutes:

Pricing & Availability

Our goal is to price the Instant Denture Setups so that they are a direct cost savings for you.

The Instant Denture Setups save you significant time (and potential rework!) in both the setup process and in processing the dentures. What’s more, each Instant Denture Setup includes a full arch – one anterior and one posterior set – of high quality, four-layer denture teeth.

But the real benefit has nothing to do with direct cost savings. The real benefit to your lab is improved throughput, speed and consistency. You’ll be able to increase your overall production of dentures, offer a premium service – with higher fees – for expedited delivery, and provide more consistent, aesthetic and functional dentures.

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What Dentists Are Saying…

Attending the IDS in Germany [largest international dental conference], I got a chance to see a lot of new, impressive things. But nothing got my attention like the products I found at Good Fit. They’ve created a thermoplastic material that allows you to set a whole arch of teeth for a denture immediately. I am confident this will be a new direction for how dental prosthetics can be fabricated much easier and effectively.

Dr. Ara Nazarian, DDS – Diplomate International Congress of Oral Implantologists Good Fit Dentist - Dr. Ara Nazarian, DDS - Premier Dental Center, Troy, MI

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Good Fit Instant Denture Setups

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