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With the Good Fit ® Denture Tray, You Can Make Dentures in As Few As Two Clinical Visits

Good Fit Denture Tray

Quality dentures take a long time to make. With all the steps required to get a comfortable fit and good function, the average denture takes up hours of chair time spread over as many as five or more clinical visits. And the whole process can end up taking weeks to complete because you have to send out to a lab so many times.

But what if you could cut your chair time in half and deliver quality dentures in as few as two clinical visits?

That’s what our Denture Tray lets you do. That’s because…

  1. We combine a stock tray, custom tray and bite block into one Good Fit ® Denture Tray

    If you make a denture the conventional way, you need a separate stock tray, custom tray, and bite block. First, you use a stock tray to take a preliminary impression. Second, you use a custom tray to do border molding and take a final impression. And third, you use a bite block to do your bite registration.

    Our Denture Tray combines a stock tray, custom tray, and bite block into one, easy-to-use tray. It speeds up the whole process, so that…

  2. You can deliver a denture weeks faster because you don’t need a separate custom tray or bite block

    Because our Denture Tray combines them into one device, you don’t have to send out to a lab for a separate custom tray and a bite block. And because each time you send out to a lab means waiting up to a week, using a Denture Tray means that you can deliver dentures weeks faster.

    If you have an in-house lab, you could even deliver dentures in a day or two. You’ll get all the data required for complete denture fabrication in the first clinical visit. Then your lab just has to make the waxed up or finished dentures. Plus, you’ll eliminate all the costs associated with making custom trays and bite blocks – and free up extra capacity at your lab.

    Eliminating the need for custom trays and bite blocks makes it so that…

  3. You can do the work of three appointments in one, cutting chair time in half

    Here’s how it works. Our Denture Tray is made out of a thermoplastic material, so you can quickly create your own custom trays. Just drop the Denture Tray in hot water to make it moldable and then adapt it to the patient’s mouth. Then just wait a minute to let it cool or dip it in cold water to make it instantly rigid with no shape distortion from the cooling.

    Here’s a quick video showing how easy the trays are to use:

    Because the Denture Tray becomes an instant custom tray, you can skip the preliminary impression entirely. With the customized tray, you can move straight on to border molding and final impressions. What’s more, with the Denture Tray, you don’t need a separate appointment for bite registration. That’s because…

    After you take a final impression, you are normally at the point where you have to send out to a lab to get a bite block. But with the Denture Tray, you already have the bite block. The customized Denture Tray, with the final impression still inside it, acts immediately as your bite block. Without having to send out to a lab at all, the Denture Tray lets you get all of the measurements and records you need – right there in that first appointment.

    Merging three appointments into one saves you 75 minutes of chair time. By skipping the preliminary impression, you save at least 15 minutes. And by combining the second and third appointments, specifically with the help of the Denture Tray, you save another hour. That’s because…

  4. You don’t have to fiddle with wax rims

    Adjusting wax rims can be messy and difficult. Moreover, because wax is inherently unstable, wax rims are a major source of inaccuracy in bite registration.

    With our Denture Tray, you’ll never have to work with wax rims again. In place of wax rims, our Denture Trays have actual acrylic tooth forms – modeled after real denture teeth. To adjust the “rims” on the Denture Tray, you can just grind down the acrylic teeth, which is faster and gives much more precision than melting wax. If you need to add height in some places, you can still add height with wax.

    Not having to fiddle with wax rims is a big reason that you can save an extra hour of chair time in that first appointment and get a more accurate bite. But the Denture Tray has an even bigger advantage as a bite block, because…

  5. You get to work with a completely stable record base

    When you put a conventional record base in a patient’s mouth, it’s going to be loose. It’s nobody’s fault – your lab has to make the base loose so that you can pull it off the master model without breaking it. But loose record bases are one of the leading causes of poor-fitting dentures.

    The bar for accuracy is incredibly high with dentures; to fit well, the final denture has to be accurate to the millimeter. But a loose base means that your measurements have a margin of error that’s more than several millimeters.

    Our Denture Tray solves this problem. After you use it as a custom impression tray, you leave the final impression inside the tray. When the impression sets, you have a bite block with a base that is perfectly molded to the patient’s mouth. It gives you a completely stable record base.

    A perfectly stable base means that your measurements can be accurate to the millimeter. And with more accurate measurements…

  6. It’s much more likely that the final dentures will fit

    With all the challenges baked into conventional denture technique, it’s no wonder that approximately half of waxed up dentures need adjustments. And about 10 to 20 percent of the time, those adjustments are major enough to require a whole new waxed up denture. It can mean a lot more chair time (and extra lab fees) for you and a longer delay before your patient finally gets his or her dentures.

    It’s even worse if the final denture has problems. If you can’t fix it with a little extra acrylic, you either have to start over or worse: you have to send the patient home with a poor-fitting denture. and a lot of adhesive.

    Our Denture Trays help avoid these unfortunate scenarios. By guaranteeing that final impressions are made with a custom tray and by providing a completely stable record base, the Good Fit ® Denture Tray allows for extremely consistent and accurate measurements.

    Our dentists tell us that they can verify a waxed denture on the first try 90% of the time when they use a Denture Tray, a huge improvement over conventional technique. And the final denture is much more likely to have good aesthetics and a good fit.

    Because both the waxed up and final dentures are more likely to drop in with no need for adjustments, you’ll save on average another 45 minutes of chair time that you would otherwise have spent on rework.

    All that’s left is to make sure that…

  7. You don’t have to waste money and time on choosing the wrong teeth

    Patients (and dentists) sometimes pick a set of teeth that they end up disliking in the final denture.

    The problem is that there’s just no way to know how denture teeth will really look until you see them in the patient’s mouth. And with conventional technique, you and your patient don’t get to this point until you have the waxed up or final denture.

    Swapping out teeth at this point can be a nightmare. If the teeth have already been grinded, you’ll be charged for them. Plus, your lab will charge you for new setups, and you’ll have to waste chair time on additional appointments.

    Our Denture Tray helps avoid this problem. Because the Denture Tray has a full setup of denture tooth forms – modeled on real denture teeth – you can use it as an in-the-mouth guide for helping the patient choose the shade, size and shape of his or her final denture teeth.

    By choosing the correct teeth up front, you can avoid a lot of extra rework… and end up with happier patients.

What Dentists Are Saying…

Attending the IDS in Germany [largest international dental conference], I got a chance to see a lot of new, impressive things. But nothing got my attention like the products I found at Good Fit… I am confident this will be a new direction for how dental prosthetics can be fabricated much easier and effectively.

Dr. Ara Nazarian, DDS – Diplomate International Congress of Oral Implantologists Good Fit Dentist - Dr. Ara Nazarian, DDS - Premier Dental Center, Troy, MI

The Good Fit Denture Tray is a brilliant idea. It’s like taking an impression from the patient’s existing dentures, but without having to ask the patient to give up his dentures or make a duplicate. It saves me precious time and inconvenience to the patient, and it lets me get all the data I need for the lab to fabricate and process – in one visit.

Dr. Jeffrey Kimura, DDS – Avia Dental Care, Carlsbad, CA Good Fit Dentist - Dr. Jeffrey Kimura, DDS - Avia Dental Care, Carlsbad, CA

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Good Fit Denture Tray

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