GT PRINT MODEL Water-Washable 3D Printer Resin


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GT PRINT ™ MODEL is a super-fast 3D-printer resin formulated specifically for fast, accurate printing of orthodontic models for clear aligners and retainers.

  • WATER-WASHABLE or AIR-WASHABLE (no IPA required) – models printed with GT PRINT MODEL can be cleaned using simple tap water or air from a standard compressor – no need for IPA or other cleaning solvent
  • FAST-PRINTING and FAST-CURING – up to 60% faster printing than standard model resins
  • EASY TO POUR and CLEAN – super-low viscosity (it pours like water) makes GT PRINT MODEL easy to pour and clean from your printer
  • SELF-DEGRADING – models printed with GT PRINT MODEL are easier to break down over time, taking up less waste space and making them easier to incorporate into a variety of recycling programs.

GT PRINT ™ MODEL is formulated to work on SLA, LCD, or DLP printers that utilize 385-405nm wavelength light (and which allow third-party resins):

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