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Denture Tray

Denture Tray

Denture Tray

Good Fit ® Denture Trays are moldable impression trays in the form of a complete denture.

Make quality dentures in as few as two clinical visits

Good Fit ® Denture Trays can be adapted and fitted in minutes to serve as custom impression trays, letting you skip preliminary impressions entirely. And then they serve immediately as bite blocks, letting you get all of the data required for complete denture fabrication in just one clinical visit.

The trays become easily moldable after a short immersion in hot water. But they become as hard as dentures when cooled, retaining your customizations without any distortion from the cooling, and letting you take incredibly accurate impressions.

What's more, as a bite block, the Good Fit ® Denture Tray gives you a completely stable record base, allowing for unprecedented accuracy in your measurements and final bite registrations.

All of this means a faster, more comfortable experience for your patient, time & cost savings for you… and a much higher likelihood that the final dentures will fit.

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Good Fit ® Denture Tray

Size & Shade Guide

Size Base Dimensions Tooth Dimensions
Base Size | Tooth Size Posterior Width* Six Anterior Width Central Width Central Length

Upper Trays

Small | Small 36mm 45mm 7.0mm 8.5mm
Medium | Small 38mm 46mm 7.5mm 9.5mm
Medium | Medium 38mm 48mm 7.0mm 10mm
Medium | Large 38mm 52mm 8.5mm 11mm
Large | Medium 42mm 52mm 8.0mm 10mm
Large | Large 42mm 54mm 8.5mm 11mm

Lower Trays

Small | Small 45mm 35mm 4.0mm 7.0mm
Medium | Small 50mm 30mm 3.5mm 8.5mm
Medium | Medium 50mm 36mm 3.5mm 7.5mm
Medium | Large 50mm 42mm 5.0mm 8.5mm
Large | Medium 52mm 36mm 4.0mm 8.5mm
Large | Large 52mm 38mm 5.0mm 9.5mm
* Upper trays: from tuberosity to tuberosity; Lower Trays: from retromolar pad to retromolar pad
Tooth Shade (and tray shade) on all trays is approximately A2 on the Vita® Classical Shade Guide

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