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Patients: We Design All Our Products to Help You Get a Good Fit

Whether you are looking for dentures, crown & bridge, braces, sports mouth guards or dental night guards, if you want it quickly or inexpensively, it can end up fitting terribly. As a general rule, it’s nobody’s fault – especially not your dentist’s – these things are just difficult to make.

In many cases, the only way to save time or costs is to cut corners, which can make it difficult to get a good fit. What you really need is a way for your dentist to be able to work quickly and economically without having to cut corners. That’s what Good Fit’s products let your dentist do. That’s because…

  1. We have new solutions that let dentists combine steps rather than having to skip them

    Let’s look at dentures as an example… Right now, in order to maximize the chances of your dentures fitting well, your dentist has to take you through at least five appointments:

    1. Appointment 1 – Preliminary Impression – your dentist takes a preliminary impression of your mouth, using a bulky and uncomfortable device called a “stock tray”. He or she sends this impression to a dental lab to make what’s called a “custom impression tray”, which is used for…

    2. Appointment 2 – Final Impression – your dentist uses the custom impression tray to take a more detailed impression of your mouth, which he or she again has to send out to a lab to get something called a “bite block”. It’s like a loose-fitting denture with a big piece of red wax in place of teeth, and it’s used for…

    3. Appointment 3 – Border Molding & Records – here your dentist takes all the careful measurements of your face and mouth that are needed for the lab to produce a good looking, well fitting denture. If any of these measurements are inaccurate (again, often not your dentist’s fault, but rather a built-in challenge of working with the standard, loose fitting bite block and fickle wax), the final dentures will not fit, which is why the next step is…

    4. Appointment 4 – Wax Try In – instead of making a final denture after the previous appointment, your dentist asks the lab to make what’s called a “waxed up denture”. It’s a replica of your final denture, with real denture teeth, but with a base made out of wax. In this appointment, you get to try in the waxed up denture to see if it fits. If it doesn’t fit at this point – it’s easier to make adjustments because the base is made out of wax. If your dentist skipped this step, the lab would have provided a final denture made out of hard acrylic instead of wax. And if it didn’t fit, well it’d be a lot more difficult to fix. Which brings us to…

    5. Appointment 5 – Delivery of Final Dentureif the waxed up denture fit in your previous appointment – or if it required only minor adjustments – then your dentist could ask the lab to render the waxed up denture in hard acrylic. In this fifth appointment, you get to try in the acrylic denture – and everyone crosses their fingers in hopes of a good fit! If there’s any problem in this or the previous step, you may have to go through more visits… or worse – you may just have to settle for a bad-fitting denture

    Phew! That’s a lot of steps! Even if your dentists takes all these steps, you can see how it can still be tough to make a well fitting denture. But if you want your dentist to deliver dentures faster or less expensively, the only way he or she can deliver is by skipping some of these steps, which makes it that much more difficult to end up with a good fit… unless your dentist is using a Good Fit ® Denture Tray.

  2. You can get dentures in at least two fewer visits, without your dentist having to skip any steps

    Our Denture Tray lets your dentist combine the first three appointments into one, which means you can get your dentures much more quickly without skipping any steps. Your dentist can just do all of the steps more quickly – and in a lot fewer visits. Plus, there’s an even better chance your final dentures will fit. That’s because…

  3. Your dentist can take more accurate measurements of your mouth, which is key to getting a good fit

    Unlike the loose fitting “bite block” device that your dentist typically has to use to take all the key measurements, our Denture Tray sits snugly in your mouth (and uses stable acrylic teeth instead of fickle wax), letting your dentist take more accurate measurements. The result is a higher likelihood that your final dentures will fit.

Get Fast Dental Work without Compromising Quality

We’ve designed all of our products to help your dentist (and his or her dental lab) save time and costs without having to skip any important steps. And just as the Denture Tray helps provide more accurate measurements than traditional approaches, we’ve designed all of our products to help your dentist get better, more consistent results. In other words, Good Fit’s products are designed to help you get speed and quality, rather than having to compromise between the two.

Where Can I Get a “Good Fit” Denture (or Crown or Bridge or Mouth Guard or Night Guard)?

You can get them from any dentist who uses our products!

Good Fit Dentist Directory: Find Dentists in Your Area Who Use Good Fit Products to Help Get You Faster, Better Results

Do you need a new set of dentures ASAP? Are you looking for crown & bridge work or a mouth guard or a night guard?

Our products can help dentists deliver all of these things faster and with better results. Find dentists in your area who can help you get a good fit.

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