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With Good Fit ® Instant Overdentures, you can make overdentures and provisionals in your lab or office… in minutes!

Good Fit Instant Overdentures

Fixed provisional restorations can significantly impact the success of full-arch implant cases. But the extra chair time, laboratory work, and cost required to get proper provisionals may make you wonder whether it’s really worth the effort.

But what if you could easily create custom-fitted, aesthetic provisionals right in your lab or office – in minutes?

That’s what the Good Fit ® Instant Overdentures let you do. That’s because…

  1. We let you start with a nearly completely pre-fabricated device

    Instead of having to start from scratch (e.g. taking impressions and a bite and sending them to your lab) or trying to carve a patient’s existing denture into a provisional, our Instant Overdentures let you start with an almost fully pre-fabricated device.

    They are available in a variety of tooth molds and shades, fully festooned, with buccal and lingual flanges typical of overdentures, provisionals or hybrid dentures.

    Because they are almost fully pre-fabricated, with high-quality denture teeth and detailed festooning, you’re guaranteed to get consistent, quality aesthetics on all your provisionals. But you can also get great function, because…

  2. The Instant Overdentures have an adjustable denture base

    The teeth in our Instant Overdentures are set in a high-impact, conventional denture base material (PMMA), but with a twist: we’ve made that material adjustable.

    You can just place the Instant Overdentures in boiling water for about two minutes to make them adjustable and then adapt them in the patient’s mouth or on a model to get your ideal occlusion.

    They can be adjusted to accommodate a wide variety of arch widths and occlusal planes:

    Good Fit Instant Overdentures - Adjust Arch Width Good Fit Instant Overdentures - Adjust Occlusal Plane

    And if you make a mistake, no problem! You can reheat the entire Instant Overdenture or any portion of it you want to re-adjust.

    When you’re satisfied with your adjustments, you can just wait a few minutes for the Instant Overdentures to cool or run them under cold water to make them rigid in seconds, with no shape distortion from the cooling. Which means…

  3. You can make beautiful, functional implant provisionals in minutes

    Heating, adapting and cooling the Instant Overdentures to fit your patient is fast and easy.

    Good Fit Instant Overdentures - Adjusting to Fit Patient Good Fit Instant Implant Temps - Adjusted Inner Surface

    If you want to trim the flanges or make some more space for the implants, you can just grind the temps with an acrylic bur.

    Now all you have to do is pick up the implants. Just fill in the channel between the flanges with a cold- or light-cure material (e.g. Triad®). Then place the device back in the patient’s mouth to mold the material to the implant abutments and ridge.

    Good Fit Instant Overdentures - Applying Light- or Cold-Cure Material Good Fit Instant Overdentures - Molded to Abutments and Ridge

    When you are satisfied with the results, just cure the material and pick up your implants!

    Good Fit Instant Overdentures - Temporary Abutments Good Fit Instant Overdentures - Completed Instant Overdenture Seated in Patient's Mouth

    Here’s a quick video describing the whole process:

    The whole process of fitting the Instant Overdentures to your patient and picking up the implants can be done in just minutes. Which means…

  4. You can get all the advantages of implant provisionals at a fraction of the time and cost

    A good provisional can have a major impact on the success of your implant cases by helping to:

    1. Stabilize the implants and protect the underlying tissues during healing
    2. Shape the gingival tissues for greater predictability in seating the final prosthesis
    3. Guide aesthetics for the final prosthesis

    With properly seated Instant Overdentures, you can increase the likelihood that your implants will properly heal, that the tissue around them will remain healthy and well formed, and that your patient will be satisfied with the look of the final restoration.

    And even right after surgery, you can make sure your patient always leaves your office with a beautiful smile.

What Dentists Are Saying…

Good Fit ® Instant Overdentures can play a valuable role in managing clinical situations to ensure success with the final implant prosthesis. They can be used to evaluate esthetic, phonetic, and occlusal function prior to delivery of the final implant restorations, while preserving or enhancing the condition of the peri-implant and gingival tissues. They provide patients with natural-looking temporaries at any stage of implant treatment and serve as an excellent prototype by which to evaluate shade and contours, leading to greater patient acceptance and a superior definitive restoration.

Dr. Ara Nazarian, DDS – Diplomate International Congress of Oral Implantologists Good Fit Dentist - Dr. Ara Nazarian, DDS - Premier Dental Center, Troy, MI

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A typical, lab-fabricated, full-arch implant provisional can take days or weeks to deliver and cost many hundreds of dollars. Our base price is just $199 per Instant Overdenture (per arch).

Labs – avoid the hassle of doing chair-side conversions; with the Instant Overdentures, you can now make beautiful, high-quality provisionals quickly “from scratch”. In the lab, you can make overdentures and provisionals with a lot less work and offer faster turnaround times to your customers.

Dentists – the Instant Overdentures can save you significant chair time both in fabricating the provisional prosthesis and in helping to increase the likelihood of success with your implants, which can save you a lot of extra time and expense down the line.

Still Looking for More Info? Check out the Mold & Shade Guide and Save! See how you can choose the best-sized Instant Overdenture for each patient. We’ll also include an instant coupon for a Sampler Kit!

Good Fit Instant Overdenture

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