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Instant Custom Tray

With the Good Fit ® Instant Custom Tray, You Never Have to Take a Preliminary Impression Again Save Chair Time, Boost Profits and Improve Outcomes

Good Fit Instant Custom Tray

Low quality impressions can really hurt the fit, function and aesthetics of your dental work. The best way to get high quality impressions is to use a custom tray. But that approach typically requires a separate procedure (preliminary impressions with a stock tray) and lab work (to get a custom tray), which burns up chair time and profits.

What you really want is accurate impressions fast. That’s what the Good Fit™ Instant Custom Tray lets you get. That’s because…

  1. We put a custom tray in your hand in the first clinical visit

    Even though they provide more accurate impressions, custom trays can be a bit of a pain to get. You have to take a preliminary impression and mail it to a lab or make it in-house. And then you have to wait for the custom tray to get made.

    It’s enough of a pain that many dentists take a shortcut and use a stock tray to take a final impression – even in cases that could really benefit from a custom tray.

    But with the Instant Custom Tray, you get a custom tray to use in the very first clinical visit. That’s because…

  2. Our Instant Custom Tray becomes a custom tray in just a few minutes

    Our Instant Custom Tray is made of the same rigid plastic as dentures.

    The difference is that we’ve made the material thermoplastic. So you just drop it in hot water to make the tray moldable and then adapt it in the patient’s mouth (or on a model, depending on the procedure). After a minute or two – or in seconds, if you dip it in cold water – the tray will become as rigid as a denture with no shape distortion from the cooling.

    So this gets you a fully custom tray without having to send anything to a lab.

    Here’s a quick video showing how it works:

    If you always take final impressions with a custom tray…

  3. You can do the work of two appointments in one, cutting chair time

    Because you have a custom tray in your hand in the first appointment, you don’t have to schedule a second appointment just to take a final impression with a custom tray. You can do that in the first appointment.

    Also, by eliminating the preliminary, stock tray impression, you save at least 15 minutes of chair time. If you take 100 final impressions a month, you free up at least 25 hours of chair time!

    Meanwhile, if you typically use stock trays to take a final impression…

  4. You can get a more accurate impressions with better patient comfort and less rework

    If you’re using a stock tray to take a final impression, you have to put a bulky and uncomfortable stock tray in the patient’s mouth. What’s more, you have to use nearly three times as much impression material in the stock tray as you would use in a custom tray. That extra impression material is uncomfortable for patients and expensive for you.

    Plus, using all that impression material inside a loose stock tray results in inaccurate impressions. That’s because impressions are most accurate when the impression material is at a minimal and uniform thickness. And when you’re not using a custom tray, you don’t get uniform thickness, so you get variances in accuracy.

    If you have inaccurate measurements, either you or the lab won’t be happy. So then you have to start all over.

    Using the Instant Custom Tray means you never have to put a stock tray in a patient’s mouth again. And you get more accurate measurements and sharply reduce rework.

Making immediate dentures? The Instant Custom Trays can help you make them even better…

For starters, by needing only one impression before your lab can make the immediate denture, you reduce the risk of accidentally extracting your patient’s teeth with an impression.

But the Instant Custom Tray helps with immediate denture cases in even more important ways…

Immediate dentures are technically temporary, but some patients have to live with them for up to six months – or even a year. So it’s important that the dentures have a good fit.

Almost all immediate dentures fit snugly at first due to the swelling of the patient’s gums. But as the gums heal, two key parts of the denture will determine how much rework needs to be done to keep the dentures comfortable and in place: the peripheral and palatal seals.

The Instant Custom Tray helps with both key areas, because…

  1. It’s designed to help you do more accurate border molding

    So your dentures will have great peripheral seals. Here’s why…

    Border molding works best if you need only a millimeter or two of border molding material to fill the remaining space. But if the flanges on your tray are under-extended by more than a couple millimeters, you’ll need to use too much material, and you’ll end up with inaccurate borders.

    The Instant Custom Tray helps you avoid this problem by having flanges that are designed to be over-extended on the typical patient. When the tray is heated, you can easily trim the flanges with regular scissors, so that you can create close-cropped borders for more accurate border molding.

  2. And it has a special feature to help you get a tight seal on the palate

    For maxillary dentures, the palate on the Instant Custom Tray has a special fold in it that you can push up into the patient’s palate when adapting it as a custom tray:
    Good Fit Instant Custom Tray - Special Palate Fold

    This special feature lets you get a more accurate impression of the palate…

  3. Which means it’s much more likely that the immediate dentures will fit

    With better border molding and more accurate final impressions – particularly of the palate – it’s much more likely that your immediate dentures will fit your patient for however long he or she has to wear them, with just minimal (inevitable) relining around the gums as they heal.

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If you already use custom trays, you’ll know that the average cost for a lab-fabricated custom tray is around $32.

If you currently use stock trays for final impressions, you have to use a significant volume of impression material to fill in all that space – on average, that amount of impression material might cost you about $22.50 for every impression. And because final impressions in stock trays have to be redone about 10% to 15% of the time, your costs are actually that much higher.

Our Instant Custom Tray costs $29 (or just $19 with a Good Fit Pro account – see below), so you’re already around even or actually saving money on direct costs.

Which means the real value – the value of all the time you free up – is yours

If you do 100 final impressions a month, eliminating preliminary impressions will save you 25 hours of chair time (15 minutes per preliminary impression x 100). If you billed out that 25 hours at $300 an hour, you’d make an extra $7,500 a month, or $90k a year!

All told, using the Instant Custom Tray should end up costing you less than using a lab-fabricated custom tray or even a stock tray and get you better measurements that sharply reduce rework.

What’s the Best Way to Get Started?

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Instant Custom Tray

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